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Home S​chool Groups

Bring your home school group on a field trip!

We tailor each program to your age levels. Home School Programs consist of 1-2 programs based on group size and time constraints. 

The following programs are recommended for home school groups as they are great for all ages:

  • Bing0: Our custom bingo cards can cover almost any topic in a question/answer format. 

  • Birds of Prey: Meet and learn about our in-house raptors and how they help our ecosystem. 

  • Eco-Hike: Join us on a hike as we explore the world around us and how everything works together.

  • Nature Art: Use natural materials to make art. Projects vary by age and season.

  • Turtle Dogs: Meet one of turtle dogs while learning about Eastern Box Turtles and why they're important to study.

Home School Programs are available at the following costs:

$120 for up to 15 students aged 5 -18

$8 for additional students and parents/chaperones

Programs are for ages 5 and up. Please leave children 4 and under at home. 

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