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Parent Info

Is your child attending a field trip at Allison Woods? Here's what you need to know!



Your student will participate in up to 3 Programs or 1 Citizen Science Project. All our programs are aligned to NC State Standards and are geared to be as hands-on as possible. The programs are chosen by your child's teachers ahead of time based on what they are learning at the time or what they may need to review.


Be sure your child is well rested so they can participate to the best of their ability!

If you are attending with your child, you are welcome to participate in most activities, but if you choose not to, please be respectful of the students and instructors to not be disruptive to their programs. 


Prepping for the Day

Clothes and Shoes: Our facilities are outdoors so it is important to dress for the weather. We recommend layers so your student can remove or add layers as they get hot or cold.

We do have shelters in case of rain, but if thunderstorms are called for, the trip may be rescheduled. Please check with your teachers if thunderstorms are in the forecast. 

Being outside, your student will need closed shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots preferred). These help protect their feet from sticks and rocks. Old shoes are recommended as sometimes we get a little muddy. 


Our address is 248 Allison's Woods Drive, Statesville, NC 28625. The entrance is off of Hwy 21, across from the parking lot for the Carolina Thread Trail/Girl Scout Trail. Please do not use the North entrance close to Church Lake Rd. 

Allison Woods is on private property and has a gate at the entrance. This gate will be opened approximately 15 minutes prior to the school's arrival. For most groups, this is around 9:15, but may vary, so be sure to check with your child's teacher for their estimated arrival time. 


Other Info:

We do not have a concession stand or store, so no need to send money with your child. 

If you are attending with your child, the cost is $5 per person. Please have cash or pay below prior to day of. 

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