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Field Trips

Bring your class out to Allison Woods OLC for a day of fun and learning!

All our programs are adapted for your grade level to meet NC Essential Standards. We strive to provide hands on activities to make learning fun and interactive. 

Most field trips arrive to Allison Woods around 9:30 am and leave around 1-1:30 pm. Typically, groups get 3 programs, though the number of programs may change based on your group size and time constraints. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions at or (704)873-5976.

Field Trips are available at the following costs:

$8 per student

$5 per parent

Teachers are free

Available Programs:

All programs are adjusted to meet the NC Essential Standards for your grade level and age appropriateness. 

  • All About Animals: Learn about our native animals, what they need to survive and their life cycles.

  • Aquatic Discoveries: On-shore investigation to determine the health of our water based on a macroinvertebrate hunt and various testing.

  • Bat-Tastic: Bats near and far. Learn how these flying mammals compare to us and how they have adapted to survive. 

  • BINGO: Play this traditional game using our custom question/answer card sets. Great for reviews and you choose the subject. Available options are ecosystems, forces and motion, rocks and minerals, raptors and more!

  • Creepy Crawlers: Explore the life cycle and learn about creepy crawly insects with specimens and games.

  • Discovery of Plants: Learn how plants function from photosynthesis to flowers. 

  • Earth's Structures Over Time: Discover how the Earth's surface has changed over time and how rocks, minerals and water have helped shape it. 

  • EcoSystems/EcoWalk: Investigate how organisms interact and have adapted to survive in their environments, either through a short hike or activities.

  • Energy and Motion: Explore forces, energy and motion through hands-on games and activities. 

  • Fizz, Bubble, Foam: Use experiments to explore properties and changes of matter. 

  • Light Fun: Experiment with how light moves and interacts in our environment. 

  • Math with Mortimer: In this explosive activity, students will estimate and record data from a live mortar being shot. Data is sent back to class with the teacher for further graphing and investigations. ALL Safety measures strictly enforced!

  • Organisms and cells: Check out cells in the microscopes and learn how they come together to build organisms. 

  • Owl Pellet Dissection: Dig into an owl pellet to discover what a raptor eats everyday. 

  • Protecting Nature: Learn how to minimize your impact, protect the environment and improve the environment for plants and animals.

  • Raptors/Birds of Prey: Come meet our raptor ambassadors and learn all about birds of prey, their life in the wild and how we can help keep them safe. 

  • Scavenger hunt: Nature becomes a field of discovery. Teams race against the clock to locate as many items as possible. 

  • Stellar Solar System: Learn all about our solar system including the sun, planets and moons; and how all aspects work together to sustain and affect life on Earth. 

  • Surviving Outdoors: Learn simple outdoor survival tricks and try your hand at shelter building.

  • Turtle Dogs: Learn all about our state reptile, the Eastern Box Turtle and how our Turtle Dogs help scientists research them. Finish off with a simulated turtle hunt!

  • Wacky Weather: Measure weather to explore daily and seasonal patterns locally and across the globe. Learn how our weather works from the atmosphere to water cycle and jet stream. 

  • What's Earth Made of?: Examine Earth's makeup and how various aspects work together to form the structures and rocks we see today.

  • Wildlife Detective: Using clues, tracks and furs, students become detectives to try to figure out which animal we are describing, learning fun facts along the way!


Programs will be adapted to your grade level. Individual programs designed upon request.

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