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Field Trips on Wheels

Whether you would like for the Allison Woods OLC Team to bring a field trip to your students during the school year

OR you would like to take advantage of our Winter Specials...there are opportunities available.

Time to get creative with expelling some of the energy your students have being cooped up inside!

We understand that students get a little "stir crazy" when it gets chilly outside.

Our field trip experience may be the solution!

We have many programs that we can bring to you!

The Allison Woods OLC team has put together an opportunity for your students to receive a field trip experience in your classroom while learning about the science topics for their grade level!

We will bring in 2 programs that students will be able to rotate through. (if you want 3 programs, we can also offer a teacher-led experience)

NORMAL FIELD TRIP EXPERIENCE: We bring the programs to you. $8.00 per student in Iredell County.

You and your fellow educators choose which of our programs best fit your curriculum needs....whether its ecosystems, geology, astronomy, forces and motion, energy and matter, or animal adaptations,....we offer something for everyone! Programs adjusted to apply to Kindergarten through College - we adapt our programs to fit your specific age group.

We are not your normal field trip provider. We don't expect you to conform to "canned programs".

We want to be an extension of your classroom.

Tell us what your targeted needs are and we will work with you to expose your students to those areas.

Dates booking quickly! We have dates available in November, December, January, February & March!

The Allison Woods OLC Team

Start your registration here:

Choose 2 programs if this is a CLASS ROTATION or choose 1 program if this is an IN-SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAM (programs with * are assembly programs)*

Choose Your Programs:
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