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Become a Friend of Allison Woods OLC Today!

Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center is a non-profit organization with the State of North Carolina and a 501c3 tax-exempt organization with the IRS.

100% of your donation will go directly to care for our Animal Educators and support our mission to reconnect children with nature!

Donation amount:

$5.00- Equivalent to the cost of feeding Bubbles for one month.

$15.00- Equivalent to maintaining jesses for 1 bird for 1 year.

$25.00- Equivalent to Feeding 1 Turtle Dog for 1 month.

$50.00- Equivalent to providing 1 month of preventive care for 1 animal educator.

$100.00- Equivalent to feeding 1 bird for an entire month. 

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Other ways to help

If you cannot afford a monetary donation at this time, we accept many other forms of help including:

Book a Field Trip

Guess what!? When you schedule a field trip with us, you are helping us to care for our Animal Educators. Our fees go to providing food, veterinary care, cleaning supplies, enrichment, and other items essential to operating our program. 

Book now!

Material Donation

Material donations such as towels, dog toys, construction materials and much more are a huge help to our organization. Contact us if you are interested in making a material donation. 


We are always looking for excited and dedicated volunteers to join our team. If you have an interest in environmental education, reptiles, or birds of prey, please fill out our online application. No previous experience required. 

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