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On Saturday, August 18th the Carolina Butterfly Society visited Allison Woods Foundation to kick off their 10th Annual Iredell County Butterfly Count.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jim Nottke, John & Margaret Barlow, Nita Colvin, Carol Gearhardt and Gene Schepker, members of the Society.

A report on the count is listed below along with some generic photos of the species they located. Additional photos will be added upon receipt from the Society.

10th Iredell County Butterfly Count

submitted by Jim Nottke

Whiles skies were cloudy this morning after yesterday's heavy rain, the sun appeared about noon and the rest of the day was mostly sunny and in the low 80's, bringing the butterflies out in large numbers, but not of many species. We covered Allison Woods and part of the Iredell Greenway north of Statesville. Our last butterfly of the day was a Wild Indigo Duskywing, a new species record for the county.

2 Black Swallowtail

23 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

1 Spicebush Swallowtail

1 Orange Sulpher

7 Cloudless Sulpher

34 Little Yellow (continues to be unusually common)

2 Sleepy Orange

64 Eastern Tailed Blue

12 Azure

4 American Snout

2 Variegated Fritiliary

56 Silvery Checkerspot (including a slime mold party of nine)

16 Pearl Crescent

1 Eastern Comma

1 American Lady

37 Common Buckeye

20 Red Spotted Purple

1 Hackberry Emperor

1 Tawny Emperor

7 Northern Pearly-eye

5 Gemmed Satyr

150 Carolina Satyr (this is a conservative undercount)

1 Monarch

3 Silver Spotted Skipper

2 Horace's Duskywing

1 Wild Indigo Duskywing (new county record)

2 Common Checkered Skpper

27 Clouded Skipper

3 Least Skipper

7 Fiery Skipper

4 Little Glassywing

44 Sachem

1 Delaware Skipper

57 Zabulon Skipper

7 Dun Skipper

Totals: 35 Species

606 Butterflies

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